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      1.1  Objective        

  • To provide a club devoted to the promoting, improving and enjoying of 18-22 series, Princess and Ambassador cars.

  • The club is run for the members and operates as a non-profit club with none of the committee officials being paid for any of their work or time.

  • To provide a medium to provide and exchange technical advice on the cars.

  • To allow members a club discount on specified products when appropriate.


      1.2  Eligibility

  • Any person interested in the Leyland 18-22 series, Princess or Ambassador cars shall be eligible for membership.  Membership shall run for a period of one year from the date of enrolment. Membership shall be submitted on line via the club website

  • Membership shall include all club privileges and promotional discounts, an up-to-date list of which shall be available on the website.

  • Membership is subject to the annual payment.

  • Membership is subject to an up-to-date email address for communications.

  • The club shall reserve the right to award honorary memberships.

  • All club members must accept the club rules and agree to abide by them.



2.   Club Committee


      2.1 Committee Members


  • The club will be run by a club committee of 3 members.

  • It is a condition of office that all committee members shall be fully paid up members of the club.

  • No committee member shall receive payment.



       2.2 Committee Member duties 


                                                Club President


  • This will be Simon Hayes.

  • He shall preside at any meetings of the club and shall abide by the club rules.

  • Signs all official documents adopted by the club

  • Decides all questions of order.

  • Performs any other duties pertaining to the office of President.

  • Oversee the content of the club website and Facebook page and ensure they are kept up-to-date.


                                                Club Treasurer


  • This will be Chris Colin.

  • Will open a bank account for the club.

  • Receives all monies paid to the club.

  • Keeps an accurate record of all monies received and expended.

  • Produce an annual finance report.

  • Pays all club bills after authorisation from the committee.

  • Shall keep a roll of members.

  • Shall process all membership applications.


                                                Club Secretary  


  • This post is currently vacant so Paul Kitchen is carrying out these duties.

  • He shall produce records of the proceedings of club meetings.

  • Oversee and co-ordinate all official club events.

  • Note all amendments, changes and additions to the rules document and make it available to be consulted by members



3.   Club Meetings


  • The club will have an AGM each year in combination with an Annual Summer event.

  • Meetings may routinely be held electronically by means of modern technology.


4.   Club Fees


  • The annual fee will be payable upon joining.

  • The fee shall be adequate to cover all club costs including the forum, website, promotional material, show and exhibition fees that the President deems beneficial to the club and/or its members.

  • All monies taken will be fully accountable for.

  • Any surplus funds at the end of the year shall normally be carried over for the benefit of members in the following year and may be used to purchase parts or used to promote the club.


      4.1.   Spare Parts


  • The club will source and acquire parts for Princess and Ambassador cars using club funds as the President sees fit.

  • All parts shall be made available to anyone and sold at a profit.

  • Any profits made will be placed back into the parts fund for future purchases.

  • All monies taken will be fully accounted for.


5.   Club Sanctions


       5.1 Suspension from the Club


  • The President or any other committee member may suspend a member for breaching club rules.

  • In order to lift a suspension order the member must write to the President confirming that s/he understood why the suspension order was made and what steps the member intends to take to ensure s/he no longer contravenes club rules.

  • If a member disagrees with a suspension order s/he is entitled to request the committee meet to discuss their case.  The committee will sit in private and vote after discussion whether to confirm or lift the suspension.

  • The member will not be entitled to any refund for membership time lost.

  • The committee's decision is final


       5.2 Expulsion from the Club


  • Members may be expelled for repeated or gross breaching of club rules.

  • The first step would be suspension (Para 5.1).

  • The committee would then meet to discuss and vote whether to move to expulsion.

  • Expelled members shall forfeit any fees paid.

  • The committee shall reserve the right to refuse any future application from any expelled member.



28th December 2013.

Updated 11th May 2014.

Updated 3rd October 2016.

Updated 18th November 2017.

Updated 19th November 2018.

Updated 13th August 2022.

Updated 5th February 2024

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