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First Production Princess

for Sale


Morris Princess 1800S YJO71R (1974) has a unique history - it was the first wedge down the production line and was lost at BL for two years, hence its R registration.

After many years of hard graft it was consigned to the crusher but saved - and our predecessors at The Leyland Princess and Ambassador Enthusiasts’ Club saved her with a remarkable restoration, details of which can be found on our website forum pages.

Since then once again time hasn’t been that kind to her - she’s now owned by a TV studio in Cumbernauld where she was used for the drama “Outlander” but has sat in storage ever since. Her paint appears to have been flatted down (it’s assumed to make her less shiny for filming purposes) so it’s safe to say some recommissioning work and paint will be needed but the studio is looking for offers.

It’s a slight faff as all offers have to be submitted to the studios parent company, Sony USA but we have the details of one of their employees who contacted us and is willing to assist - he would sooner not give out his details however is happy to help so if any genuine offers are out there let us know via the CONTACT page and we can forward them on.

As with all purchases it cannot be reiterated enough, ALWAYS exercise caution.

Check out the photos of how she is now and do your research, the rest is up to you! She deserves better.

Contact Simon Hayes

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