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Spare Parts

for Sale

Contact Andy

Co Durham


Collection preferred otherwise all prices plus postage.

Look through the parts photos to check their condition.

Open to sensible offers but call first to discuss. Thank you

Princess rear wing nos. Has minor dint which could be easily fettled £300 collection only Co Durham

Thermo housing, been powder coated to help preserve. Signs of corrosion on outlets £25 plus pp

Thermo housing, been powder coated to help preserve. Signs of corrosion on outlets. Hardly any pitting £40 pp

Track tod ends nos £18 a pair pp. Have 10 pairs.

5 rear brake flexi nos £10 each

Butterfly bush nos £10 a pair 4 pairs available

Another 6 butterfly bush £10 a pair

Leyland AAU 3286 Analogue Clock £10

Genuine 4 pot original callipers used £20 each

Used engine mounts £10 each

Hub Caps, not sure what they're off. Approx 9" diameter £10 the lot.. 2 have dint on edge

Pair front Delphi 9" dia Brake Discs BG2017 nos.  £40

Fits Triumph models

Oseroes thermostat nos £10

Ctoss tube mounts nos £20 each

Note to buyers - 4 pairs of track rods in total Found an additional 3 butterfly bushes (11 singles) in total

2200 auto manual fuel pump x 2 £15 each

Nos speedo 2.2 auto £15

Nos auto brake pedal rubber £6 each

Austin Rover AJM 2001

Gasket set for auto. Not sure if complete £10

Motaproducts Decoke Gasket set MCO 591

Viva gasket ?? £10

BLGasket Set BCS970 looks complete £20

Ital, Marina, Rover 2L, Sherpa van

Nos 7" headlights with pilot £10 each

Nos 7" sealed beam headlight £10

Rover / MG FAM7821 - 1x Brake Limiter Valve, make an offer

Nos trims ambo £15 each

Ambo nos indicator lens £10 each 2 available

Ambo nos center consol ashtray £10

Ambo nos indicator lens front £10

Nos rear shoes set £10

Ambo nos bumper bracket £10

Anbo wheel trim 3 old 1 nos £20 the lot

Early princess chrome trims £15 each

2200 auto torque converter nos £200

Auto kick down cable nos £25

Seat squab in mink nos  £100

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