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Triplex 10/20 Glassback

Based on a Princess 2200HLS Automatic, the 10/20 Glassback was used as a showcase for the new Triplex 10/20 toughened laminated windscreen as well as the latest techniques in glass engineering.


It was designed by the Ogle studio and was shown at the 1978 British Motor Show. It now resides in the Heritage Collection at Gaydon.


The car looks rather low because the suspension needs pumping up. The frontal aspect was changed from the standard Princess by simply fitting a styled plastic cover over the existing front panels. Very effective, and gives some idea of how the Princess styling could have evolved. The rear end is slightly less successful, but gives some indication of how a three-box saloon version may have looked. The small badge at the bottom of the front wing is the Ogle logo.

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