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By September 1975, BLMC was now reduced to a smaller, more streamlined company - British Leyland. After just six months from launch the 7-car line up of the Austin, Morris and Wolseley 18-22 Series were replaced by a 4-car line up and renamed Princess. Identification between models was now a lot simpler; 1800 versions were fitted with a four-headlamp arrangement and 2200’s got the trapezoidal units. A new 2200 HLS version replaced the Wolseley.


These Princess models saw the best sales figures of all versions; 47,955 were sold in 1977, (it was sold in 42 countries) its best year ever.

Princess 2200HLS
Princess 1800HL
Princess 2200HL
2200HL 1975_edited.jpg
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