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Princess ‘Tarts Parlour’


Bourne out of a 1979 competition held by Custom Car magazine in association with Austin-Morris, entries were invited to redesign the Princess and the winning design drawing was by Pete Birtwhistle. A Wedge was then taken to Graffiti Auto Art who set about turning Pete’s sketches into reality.


First up was to cut slots in the front wings for the wrap around grille, made out of 16 separate pieces of tube, then at the back a ‘continental kit’ was added where the spare wheel stands across a specially contoured boot lid in an upright position. A re-profiled rear bumper was made and re-chromed and chrome wire wheels were specially imported from the USA.


The smaller rear door windows and vinyl quarters were trimmed and the inside of the rear window surround was also panelled in, then it was off to the paint shop.


Originally the car was sprayed pink but apparently it looked awful, so it was again repainted, this time in silver, which did look better, but was marred by the original pink colour showing through.


I don’t have any information on what changes were made to the interior.


Anyone have any info on the whereabouts of this car, or what fate befell it?





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