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Princess 2






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As the engineering aspects of the Princess 2 were being developed, attention turned to the styling of the Wedge. As panel changes were out of the question it was left to Princess 2 senior stylist John Worker to come up with ways of enhancing the Wedge styling.



A vinyl ‘half roof’ at the rear with chrome window surrounds and a ‘highlight’ line around the lower part of the windows accentuate the ‘glass house’ and give the car a classy, more upmarket image.



A sportier look with black window surrounds and a bold black stripe immediately beneath accentuates their depth and give a ‘Lamborghini Espada’ look. A bold coachline below the ‘arrow line’ accentuates the ‘dart look,’ and alloy wheels to enhance the sporty stance. 




A further emphasis on the sporty dart look. Once again black window surrounds but this time with a ‘compatible line’ running from the back windows to the front wing.



The OTT look! Bright shaded diagonal striping on the sides, a black vinyl roof helps lower the height, and vinyl trim continues around the C-post from the top of the bootlid.



Sadly, none of these styling proposals made it into production and, as far as the styling goes, the Princess 2 was launched with only new colours and minor detail changes such as the rear badge arrangement. There was not to be a sporting Princess. Though, a bolder stripe design made it into the November 1980 facelift of the Princess 2, when alloy wheels also became available.


 Princess 2