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The availability of the Princess as a model has been rather lacklustre for several years now, but Corgi have come up with a new range of 1:43 scale Princess models to make up for it. These models are very well detailed and offer superb value for money from this leading manufacturer of die-cast models. All three are available for just £11.99 each.






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Crossway Models now produce a model of the Wolseley 2200 and itís available in several original colours. The kits are very well made but at tad pricey at just under £80 fully built, but they are very well made and superbly detailed. They can also be purchased more cheaply as a self-assembly kit.




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Dinky produced two versions of the Princess 2200HL model in the mid-Seventies, one in white and one in reynard metallic, as seen here. Obsolete now but usually available from collectors or ebay, though prices vary depending on condition.



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