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A look at the cars that Austin-Morris regarded as the biggest threat to Princess2 sales. Many of these cars were launched after the original Princess launch in 1975. Obviously this list is not exhaustive as there were many more competitors including the Peugeot 504, the Audi 80 and 100, and, of course, some of the other marques in the BL empire including models from Triumph and Rover.


Copy of 1700HL

Princess 1700/2000 L/HL competitors













































































Copy of 2200HLS

Princess 2200 HL/HLS competitors
















Copy of Cortina

Ford Cortina GL 1976-1982. 4th incarnation of the Ford stalwart that was the benchmark saloon for over 2 decades. Simple and effective engineering with a massive range of trim and body styles kept the Cortina Britainís bestseller for years.


Copy of Cavalier

Vauxhall Cavalier GL 1977-1981. Vauxhalls take on the Cortina concept was also welcomed by the public with almost identical trim and engine sizes available across the range.


Copy of Beta

Lancia Beta 1600 1977-1983. The car that killed Lanciaís reputation in the UK. Excellent chassis and engines let down by a body that would corrode at the mere sight of a rain cloud.


Copy of VX

Vauxhall VX 1800 1976-1978.


Copy of Sigma

Colt Sigma 1600 1977-1981.


Copy of Cressida

Toyota Cressida 1977-1981.



Copy of Granada

Ford Granada 2300 1977-1985. More of a rival to the Rover SD1, the HLS Princess was well equipped compared to this entry level Granada.


Copy of Chrysler180Chrysler 180 1972-1981. When the Chrysler 180 range was initially launched in France it met with apathy from most elements of the press. That is not to say that it was a bad car. Technically it may not have been exciting, but it was up-to-date.


Copy of Citroencx

Citroen CX 1975-1985 Technically it was similar to the Princess but with added French quirkiness.


Copy of Renault20

Renault 20 1975- 1984 Both Renaults 20 and 30 were advanced in terms of safety, featuring front and rear crumple zones as well as side impact protection. Reliability issues, such as niggling mechanical faults (which sometimes proved expensive to fix) plagued both cars throughout their lifetimes.