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This 8-page Dunlop brochure, from 1975, showed that the 18-22 series could be ordered with the Dunlop Denovo run flat tyre system. The Denovo system worked using a combination of a special wheel rim and tyre sidewall design. In the event of a puncture, canisters attached around the centre of the inner wheel rim instantaneously release a lubricant, which stops the tyre overheating and, in most cases, seals the hole and partially inflates the tyre to 5 lb/in2. This will allow the tyre to continue for up to 100 miles at 70mph.  A set of four Denovo’s cost £99 plus VAT in 1975.


This brochure shows its age by suggesting that a woman is incapable of changing a wheel! Totally ‘non-PC.’ The Denovo system remained available on the Princess up until it was replaced by the Ambassador in 1982. Cars fitted with Denovo wheels were identifiable by the black and silver wheel trims.