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The alloy wheels are from an Ambassador VP, which are from a complete car I broke for spares, I had them refurbished and used the original wheel centres and nuts.















The rear boot decals and coachlines were originally dark brown, but they looked out of place against the yellow paint with the black vinyl D posts and interior trim, so I fitted a black double coachline around the car, and made the boot decal myself using a black vinyl stripe and a piece cut out of a black sunstrip for the centre strip between the two badges. The effect is much more striking.




Iíve added a steering wheel from a Maxi HL, and the dash now has a rev-counter, which was taken from an Allegro 1750, and it blends perfectly with the rest of the dials, and it works (as can be seen) too! Why didnít BL do it in the first place?


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